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Insta Focus Pinhole Glasses vs Eyeglasses

  Insta-Focus Glasses Eyeglasses
Create a dependency NO YES
Weaken one's eyesight
Can cause retinal damage NO YES
Need periodic eye exams NO YES
Need replaced periodically NO YES
Need periodic cleaning NO YES
Can cause eye strain NO YES
Reduce glare YES NO
Same pair works for anyone YES NO
Exercise the eye muscles YES NO
100%Natural vision correction YES NO

Insta-Focus Pinhole Glasses vs. Regular Pinhole Glasses


Ever since they were invented in 1934, pinhole glasses have normally been ugly, flimsy devices which could easily be confused with the free plastic toys one might find in a cereal box. Sadly, nearly all pinhole glasses still look like this. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why these devices never became popular, in spite of their superiority over prescription lenses.


We provide the "Mercedes" of Pinhole Glasses; Exceptional Quality and Contemporary Style

old style pinhole glasses
Standard "old" style Pinhole glasses

contemporary style pinhole glasses
Contemporary Style Insta Focus Pinhole glasses

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